For many years, lighthouses have been a symbol of opportunity guiding seafarers and their cargo safely to their destinations. In that same spirit, the Lighthouse Festival exists to celebrate the lifestyle, culture, and opportunity of our region.

In 2014, we started a special tradition that may not be one of the most high profile aspects of festival, but certainly embodies its spirit.

We have a mini lighthouse that stands around 2.5m high. Each year the four sides are decorated by classes from local schools in a theme that highlights the wonderful things about the Bundaberg region. These are often things like the southern Great Barrier Reef, turtles, our agricultural industry, or arts and culture.

Each year we are amazed by what the children come up with and we are humbled by the thought and enthusiasm that they put into the project.

This year, the participating schools are Burnett Heads and Bargara State Schools, along with the Coral Coast Early Education Centre. Look for the special lighthouse at the festival on October 28 to see what they come up with this year and admire the talent of our local children.