2018 Performer Applications Are Open

Applications close 31 August 2018 (subject to change if a large number of applications are received)

Once applications close, the entertainment coordinators (Bundy Live in consultation with the Lighthouse Festival Committee) will create a shortlist for consideration. Bundy Live will contact all applicants on behalf of the Lighthouse Festival to advise of the outcome.

BRIEF – Please read before completing the application form.

This is a bit of a lengthy read but it will help you understand how we arrive at our eventual line-up. At the Lighthouse Festival, we think very carefully about the experience people will have when they attend our event and what our actual mission is.

Here are some things to consider which will help you determine if your act might be a good fit with our festival:

  • We are a seaside family festival with an easy going fun ‘vibe’ that revolves around a relaxed coastal lifestyle. Is your style of act suitable for the style of event?
  • We try to support mainly local artists, however, another part of our mission is to bring in acts that the local audience might not otherwise get to see.
  • We do pay our main stage and roving performers a fee. However one of our objectives is to provide people with a relatively inexpensive day out. We charge only a couple of dollars to get in the gate – we are not a ticketed event charging $25, $50 or more. Being upfront about your fee saves us spending time checking out your band only to find that your $9000 fee is way beyond what we can afford.
  • On the other hand, if you really are just a young performer or group looking for nothing more than exposure or experience, feel welcome to apply for our youth Stage.
  • Our performers consistently tell us that our event is a leader when it comes to promoting their work around the festival. We can do that much more effectively if you have fresh material we can work with and help you promote.

We get a lot more expressions of interest than we are able to accept. If you don’t get a spot we encourage you to apply again in future as we like to provide a different mix of performers each year.

What else do we consider?

• While we don’t repeat all the same acts we will often carry over several acts from the previous year if they have been well received.

• We don’t look at acts in isolation. We consider the event as a whole and how the entire line-up blends together. For example, that might mean that we specifically want a soloist of a certain style to fill a particular spot or a blues band to fill another. It also means we may seek out a specific type of act to meet that need if a suitable application has not been received.

Hopefully, that helps you understand how we arrive at our eventual line-up and the types of things we consider. If you think that your act is probably a good fit for our event, go ahead and fill out the application and we’ll look forward to seeing if we can work together this year.

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