Inclusive Bathroom Facilities

A hospital bed and a fully enclosed marquee, so we are able to provide inclusive bathroom facilities.

  • Sectioned areas.
  • Breastfeeding/feeding and changing.
  • Microwave and seating

Visual Communication Symbols

Unfortunately, some families or individuals are unable to access events due to social, physical barriers or limited support. Volunteer at the festival will be wearing keyrings with Visual Communication Symbols.

Industrial Noise Cancelling Headphones

Many families would love to attend fireworks events but haven’t been able to because the noise is too overwhelming for a member of the family.

Summer purchased 24 industrial noise cancelling head phones that members of the community to borrow and return at events.
Tony from Vulcan Fireworks one of the Festival sponsors saw my post and has donated a further 24 industrial noise cancelling headphones so families can enjoy this year’s lighthouse festival fireworks.

Conversation Location

Inspired by the school playgrounds “Buddy Seat” the Lighthouse Festival will have a seat called ” Conversation Location ” This seat will indicate to people passing by that you are open having a conversation.

The seat can be an icebreaker or just remind others to stop and have a conversation with the elderly person next door or ask a mate are you OK.  A kind word can make a difference to those who need it the most.

Summer’s Community Sensory Bags

The sensory bags can be borrowed for the length of the event or activity being accessed, then bags are returned for the next person to borrow. These bags are provided free of charge in efforts to break down social barriers that individuals with sensory challenge face on a regular basis.

Super Hero capes

Everyone has a superpower sometimes we all need to be remined how amazing and special we all are

Feel free to borrow a cape and channel your inner superpower

I place capes around the events for others to borrow and return, it’s a reminder that we are all special

Borrowed Eyes

12.30 – 3.30pm

“Borrowed Eyes”a vision assistance service.
Members of this service can be identified by wearing a yellow superhero cape and will be walking around the festival.

Tap Out (Enclosed Gazebo)

This Gazebo is a calm down area where environmental stimulation is reduced and the individual is able to self-regulate.

Memory Maker

1.30pm – 3.30pm

Is a space with photo props for people to take photos and create family memories, we have a photographer on site to take photos


Disabled parking & drop off  zone provided along Zunker Street (sign posted).